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Yacht Insurance

It is a type of policy that ensures that the boat is secured in cases such as grounding, fire, theft or collision in addition to bad weather.

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What Does It Cover?

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Yacht and Boat

The hull, hull and equipment that make up the boat are covered by the boat policy. Personal belongings may be included in the coverage in special cases with the approval of the insurance companies and the determined price, terms and limits.

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Marine Accidents and Hazards

Expenses arising from all marine accidents such as sinking, storm, fire, crash, collision, piracy, theft, and grounding are covered by the coverage. Repair costs of the yacht damaged due to natural disasters such as earthquake, tsunami, lightning are also covered by the coverage.

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Service Boat - Machinery and Equipment

If the service boats or machinery or equipment of the yacht or boat are stolen, the policy becomes effective.

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3. Responsibility to Persons

Full assurance against damages to fixed and moving objects such as the surrounding boat and the people in it, port, pier, dock in the event of accidents caused by your yacht and your boat.

Additional Guarantees

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Boat Policy General Conditions


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