Group Pension Insurance

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Group Pension Insurance

Group Pension contract is a private pension plan that offers advantageous conditions for your institution and employees. It increases the mutual satisfaction of the employee and the employer by providing productivity, motivation and permanence in the workplace. Include your employees in this system and allow them to earn additional retirement income at later ages!

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What Does It Cover?

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It is a system that enables the creation of an accumulation that is utilized in efficient and safe areas to meet the expenses of the retirement period with regular payments made throughout the working life.

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What's the Benefit?

It may not be possible to maintain your living standards you have while working with a pension in the future. BES steps in to meet this need. PPS, which is not an alternative but a complement to the compulsory social security system; It increases your income level by providing you with additional income during your retirement period. In addition, 25% of each contribution you deposit into the system is added to your account as a state contribution.

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Who Can Benefit?

Anyone who has the capacity to act can participate in BES. According to the Turkish Civil Code, persons over the age of 18 who are not restricted and have discrimination power have a capacity to act.

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How to Retire from the System?

The participant is entitled to retirement after completing the age of 56 and the condition that he has been in the system for at least 10 years from the date of entering the system. After being entitled to retirement, it is possible to take all of your savings and leave the system, or take a portion of the remaining part or all as a "programmed repayment", that is, a retirement pension.

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