Motor All Risks Insurance

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Motor All Risks Insurance

Land vehicle insurance, or Casco in short, is an insurance contract that guarantees damages that may occur as a result of an accident, burn, theft or attempted theft of a vehicle. Unlike traffic insurance, it covers the damage of the policyholder's own vehicle.

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What Does It Cover?

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It applies to accidents with your car, such as theft, staying on the road, natural disasters, theft of keys, incorrect fuel filling.

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Passengers In The Vehicle

In this context, the treatment costs incurred in accidents that may occur to passengers in the vehicle while driving are evaluated. Death or permanent disability are also included in this scope.

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Natural Disasters

Hail, flood, earthquake, storm, lightning, flooding, landslides, such as the damage seen by the vehicle covers cases.

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Counter-Vehicle-3. Party

In case of material or physical damage that you will cause to the opposite party and third parties with your vehicle, the costs that will occur in the event that the mandatory traffic insurance limits are insufficient are covered.

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General Conditions Of Land Vehicles Insurance


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