Transport Commodity Insurance

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Transport Commodity Insurance

It is a type of insurance that guarantees the damages and losses that any cargo may incur during its transportation from one place to another by road, airline, seaway and railway vehicles suitable for carrying it.

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What Does It Cover?

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Goods - All Risks

Goods transported by vehicles such as ships, planes, trucks or trains are covered by the insurance company in case of physical damage due to an accident or an incident in accordance with the terms and clauses of this insurance.

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Carrier Liability - FFL

they move about within the road freight transport company that Turkey's financial responsibilities of the landlord, gets guaranteed by the conditions and limits policy.

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Domestic Block Shipping

In domestic transportation, a policy is made over the annual notification and the transported goods are taken under guarantee. Notifications are added to the current policy in line with the declaration as monthly shipping lists.

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Subscription Agreement

All shipments made within the framework of the previously agreed coverage limit, terms, price and time are under coverage, regardless of whether or not the loading notice is made prior to shipment. When an annual agreement is reached between the carrier company and the insurance company, special pricing can be made by signing a subscription agreement.

Additional Guarantees

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Emtea Transit Insurance General Conditions

General Conditions of Valuable Shipment Policy


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