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Cyber ​​Protection Insurance

Cyber ​​Liability Insurance is a special insurance product that provides coverage for the compensation liability incurred by the organizations as a result of cyber attacks in accordance with the relevant laws and the various expenses that the organization in question has to bear as a result of these attacks and the loss of business that these organizations are exposed to as a result of cyber attacks.

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What Does It Cover?

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It includes investigation of the incident, compliance with the legislation and legal notifications, legal defense expenses and administrative fines, identity theft tracking services, public relations activities for reputation protection.

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It covers the costs of bringing data and software lost after the cyber incident as close as possible just before the event occurs.

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Cyber ​​Blackmail

It ensures that ransom demands made with the threat of damaging computer systems are met.

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Information Security and Privacy Responsibility

Compensation claims and penalties incurred due to breach of confidential information or personal data belonging to 3rd parties and employees or due to violation of data protection legislation.

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