Health Support

Kositaş Sigorta is at your side in line with your health insurance policy demands and needs. You can contact our team of experts who have full knowledge of your policy details (contracted institution, limit, exemption, exception, etc.) to assist you in technical matters such as health compensation and provision by calling us:


It is the evaluation showing whether the requested health expenses will be covered at the hospital contracted with the insurance company preferred by the insured. This assessment is made by the insurance company and it is valid provided that there is a health policy in effect at the time the health expense is incurred / will be incurred.

What IS the Hand Damage?

If the institution preferred by the insured is not contracted with the insurance company, the insurance company should be consulted with the necessary documents to find out whether the health expenses will be covered by the policy.

Common documents required for all health expenses:

Additional documents required according to the type of health expenditure:

In doctor's examinations; anamnesis report (where necessary)
In the examinations performed at the diagnosis stage; doctor's request (referral document) and test results
In hospital inpatient or inpatient surgical or non-surgical treatments and interventions; epicrisis report / anamnesis report / surgery report / pathology report / detailed invoice report
In physical therapy and rehabilitation performed after surgery; the relevant surgery report and the report prepared by the doctor, including the start and end dates and the detailed treatment plan
For materials used for medical purposes and to support the body from outside; doctor report stating that it must be used by the doctor organizing the treatment, medical equipment prescription

* In all kinds of legal incidents (including traffic accidents), the insured claims the documents (crime scene report, alcohol report, forensic report, traffic accident detection report, prosecutor's non-prosecution decision, etc.) compensation request (including direct payment stage) should present together with.