Inland Travel Insurance

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Inland Travel Insurance

It is a type of insurance that provides a wide variety of coverage such as health or accidental treatment expenses, transportation of the insured due to injury, death or illness, finding and delivering lost luggage on scheduled flights.

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What Does It Cover?

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Medical Treatments

In the event that the insured suddenly becomes ill or injured, the hospital, surgery and treatment costs and the expenses of the medicines prescribed by the relevant doctor are covered within the policy limits.

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Medical Transport

In case of sudden illness or injury of the insured, it provides transportation with the most appropriate vehicle to the nearest health institution for treatment. In cases covered by the policy, after the treatment requiring inpatient operation, the expenses of ambulance (including air ambulance) or transportation to permanent residence are covered with a doctor's report during the discharge process.

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Travel Cancellation

In the event that the trip cannot be made or is interrupted due to sudden, unpredictable, compulsory reasons beyond the will of the insured, the fees paid for the travel are covered within the limits.

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Transport and accommodation of the companion

In the event that the insured needs to stay in the hospital for a period of time due to the need for medical treatment as a result of an emergency illness or injury covered by the policy during domestic travel, the travel and accommodation of a family member to be determined by the insured will be organized and the cost will be paid.

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Travel Health Insurance General Conditions


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