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Smartphone Insurance

Smartphone Insurance is an economical solution for increasing device costs and repair prices. You can easily insure not only your new device, but also second hand devices, receive immediate service with our special solution line in case of damage, send your device to repair with free logistics service and receive it to your address.

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What Does It Cover?

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You will be covered when you experience any cell phone related malfunction such as falling, breakage, accidental damage, liquid contact, theft, high voltage and the use of faulty accessories. All repairs and repairs are carried out at authorized services, so the product is not out of warranty.

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Logistics Service

In case of any malfunction with your mobile phone, including malfunctions within the warranty, you will receive free logistics service; so your phone goes to repair and you can receive it to your address after repair.

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Equivalent Device in Theft and Complete Damage

When your device becomes unusable as a result of a complete damage and a replacement is required, your device will be replaced with an equivalent (new or renewed) device with an equivalent value (not exceeding the total insurance cost and the second-hand current value of the device).

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Easy setup

You can easily apply with only your mobile phone number, TR ID and IMEI information; Your policy is also activated after device checks and verification.

Additional Guarantees

Free Services and Benefits

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Below you can find the general conditions of this product within the scope of insurance legislation. If you have any question marks, you can get more detailed information by contacting us.

Electronic Equipment Insurance General Conditions


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