Health Insurance for Foreigners

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Health Insurance for Foreigners

Health Insurance for Foreigners can be foreign nationals residing in Turkey and is necessary for the health guarantees. It covers the health expenses incurred as a result of illness and accident during the insurance period within the coverage. It covers the minimum coverage structure or more determined in the Circular on Health Insurances to be made in visa and residence permit requests.

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What Does It Cover?

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Inpatient Treatment

Expenses arising from inpatient treatment (Internal and Surgical Inpatient, Chemotherapy / Radiotherapy / Dialysis, Intensive Care, Artificial Limb, Minor Surgical Interventions, Emergency Medical Aid) within the limits and rates determined in contracted institutions and unlimited health institutions are covered.

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Outpatient treatment

Outpatient treatment expenses such as doctor's examination, analysis, x-ray, modern diagnostic methods, imaging and laboratory services, physical therapy, and auxiliary medical equipment are covered by insurance within the determined limits.

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Drug expenses in outpatient and inpatient treatments are covered by the insurance.

Additional Guarantees

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Health Insurance General Conditions


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